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Maria Pari-Keener, MS RD CDN and Certified Personal Trainer, NASM is the founder of Maternal Health Matters, a nutrition practice devoted to providing pre-natal and post-partum nutritional counseling. Maria received her master’s degree in nutrition from Brooklyn College and began her career as a registered dietitian in local hospitals and HIV/AIDS clinics before deciding to dedicate her professional life to maternal nutrition. Over the years, in response to parental demand, Maria broadened the scope of her practice to include pediatrics. MHM now counsels mothers and children on food allergies, diabetes, disordered eating, and healthy weight management.

In addition to running her private practice, Maria is also the Membership Chair of the American Dietetic Association’s Women’s Health Practice Group. She sits on the Brooklyn College Dietetics Advisory Board and also finds time to write on maternal health issues for parents.com. Maria has appeared on the Today Show, sharing her views on organic baby food, and has been featured in three Fit TV commercials offering helpful eating tips to parents. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and their two children.

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